Self-Drive Car Rental: Tauranga Cruise Ship Passengers Make The Most Of Shore Excursions

28aab27b609d8c48b27e15d1796e685c_f60Breathtaking and captivating, Tauranga is considered one the most beautiful destinations in New Zealand. Emerald waters and pristine beaches surround the peninsula with the spectacular Mount Maunganui as its backdrop. Tauranga is a place where the sky, the land and the water showcase the most scenic side of nature, that’s why most cruise ships that travel the area never fail to highlight it as one of the major attractions of their routes.

While the sweeping views can impress even the most seasoned tourists, Tauranga isn’t just for picture-taking. The Port of Tauranga, the seaside suburb of Mount Maunganui resort, and Tauranga City offer plenty of activities that will make the trip even more memorable. Cruise ship itineraries include docking at the Tauranga harbour to provide tourists a chance to explore land and water based activities and events that they will enjoy. From nature tripping to good old souvenir shopping, there will be various options to suit every taste, budget and preference.

When going on a Tauranga shore excursion, the best way to move and get around is to go for car rental, Tauranga cruise ship itinerary planners say. Some cruise ships may include guided tours as part of the package, while travel agencies may offer group excursions via van or buses. But having your own car to use will assure that you can design your own experience according to the pace, schedule and route that best suit your (and your family or travel buddies’) preferences.

Renting a vehicle can be more economical than other options because it allows you to focus only on the things you want to visit or experience the most. In guided vans or group excursions, you pay for the whole package, which may include places or events that you may not be interested in.

Getting around by car allows you to be more flexible. A restaurant that you’ve noticed, a charming little park that’s out of the way, a local shop that isn’t listed in guidebooks—these delightful discoveries won’t be available for you to explore if your transport set-up is limited or restricted to the group itinerary. But with a car of your own, you can make unplanned stopovers that will make the excursion more unique and meaningful.

Self-drive allows you to see and do more, whether you would want to explore more natural attractions, soak in the vibrant local culture, go adventure tripping, or try all of the above. In fact, enjoying the freedom and convenience of taking over the wheel—taking your time and making your own decisions—can even be one of the best highlights of this unforgettable journey.


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